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Vapbox 300 is the smaller and lower cost DLI vaporizer of Vapbox series. Its reduced size makes its integration easy on any CVD and ALD machine. It can vaporize at up to 250°C one liquid or one solution under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.

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VAPBOX 300 Technical specifications
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  • One injection head
  • Liquid inlet: 1/8” compression type fitting
  • Carrier gas inlet: 1/4" female VCR fitting
  • Vapor outlet: 1/2" male VCR fitting
  • Other fittings are available upon request


  • One heating zone, up to 250°C, 400 W (230 VAC or 115 VAC)
  • 2 K type thermocouples: (1 for heating control, 1 for alarm purpose)
  • Current needed: 1.85 A (230 VAC) ; 3.7 A (115 VAC)


  • Liquid panel including a precursor tank and a solvent tank (or only a precursor tank)
  • Liquid flow controlling kit including a Liquid Flow Meter (LFM)
  • Carrier gas panel including a carrier gas Mass Flow Meter (MFM)
  • TCU (Temperature Control Unit): 19” rackable 4U box